Breaking! Who is After Billionaire Oil Mogul, Julius Rone?

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Breaking! Who is After Billionaire Oil Mogul, Julius Rone?

Breaking! Who is After Billionaire Oil Mogul, Julius Rone?
February 24
17:35 2020

All mischief is in essence, evil. The prominent oil mogul experienced a rude sting from serenity, in the wake of acerbic rumours about him and his gorgeous wife, Utibe. The rumour mill has gone into overdrive again. Blackmailers have been syndicating certain unsavoury rumours  and a photoshopped picture of Utibe.

In a press release issued by the businessman, he stated, “My attention has been drawn to some rumours being peddled by agents of darkness and destruction particularly about me and my wife. Utibe is a fantastic mother to our wonderful children and wife to me, and having been together for several years, she has not found me wanting as a husband and father. We live our lives without listening to the din of the market.”

Julius continued, “As much as we try to avoid the limelight, we have reconciled with the fact that by what God has blessed us with as a family, some mischief makers will pass some snide remarks”

What we would not condone, however, is unfounded, deliberate and damaging falsehood. On this note, I want to call on all the parties involved to desist forthwith any attempt to bring our family name and businesses into further disrepute.”

He concluded that he would not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law to bear on blackmailers and peddlers of unsubstantiated rumours about him and his wife.

However, the most crucial lesson Julius takes away from this is that, it takes your enemy and your friend, working together, to hurt you to the heart; the one to slander you and the other to get the news to you.

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