Companies Associated With Late Nigerian Banker Herbert Wigwe

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Companies Associated With Late Nigerian Banker Herbert Wigwe

Companies Associated With Late Nigerian Banker Herbert Wigwe
February 12
22:02 2024

Herbert Wigwe, a name synonymous with transformative leadership and strategic vision in the Nigerian banking sector, left an indelible mark on the industry and the broader economy.

His journey from a keen analyst at Coopers & Lybrand Associates to the pinnacle of Access Holdings, Nigeria’s largest lender by assets, is a testament to his visionary leadership. Wigwe’s career was characterized by bold acquisitions and a commitment to operational excellence, culminating in the creation of a diversified financial services powerhouse.

The tragic loss of Herbert Wigwe, alongside family and colleagues in a helicopter accident in February 2024, has left a void in the financial community, yet his legacy endures through the institutions he shaped and the initiatives he championed.

Access Holding
Under Herbert Wigwe’s stewardship, Access Holdings emerged as a beacon of growth and diversification in the Nigerian financial services sector. Operating across 12 African nations and extending its footprint to Europe, Access Holdings underlines Wigwe’s ambition to build a globally connected ecosystem of financial services. As Group Managing Director and CEO, Wigwe held a significant 9.09 percent stake, demonstrating his commitment to the conglomerate’s success.

Access Bank Plc
Access Bank Plc, the crown jewel of Access Holdings, showcases Herbert Wigwe’s strategic acumen. From acquiring the bank in 2002 with his business partner Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede to the landmark acquisition of Diamond Bank in 2018, Wigwe transformed Access Bank into Nigeria’s largest lender. The bank’s extensive network, serving over 49 million customers across three continents, reflects Wigwe’s vision for a customer-centric, full-service commercial bank.

Tengen Holdings
Tengen Holdings Limited, a Mauritius-based investment company, is deeply intertwined with the Wigwe family’s financial interests. The company’s strategic investments, particularly in acquiring additional shares in Access Holdings, underscore Wigwe’s foresight in securing long-term growth and stability for his family and the broader Access community.

HOW Foundation

The Herbert Onyewumbu Wgwe Foundation (HOW Foundation), founded by Wigwe in 2016, exemplifies his commitment to societal development. Focused on youth empowerment, leadership, and health, the foundation has made significant strides in malaria and prostate cancer awareness, education, and community support, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wigwe University
Herbert Wigwe’s vision extended into the realm of education with the announcement of Wigwe University in November 2023. With a groundbreaking investment of $500 million, Wigwe sought to revolutionize Nigeria’s educational landscape, addressing the skills deficit and nurturing the next generation of leaders. The university represents Wigwe’s belief in the transformative power of education to shape Nigeria’s future.


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