Emefiele In The Eyes of The Media… Journey Through The Gallery of Nigeria’s Most Decorated Banker

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Emefiele In The Eyes of The Media… Journey Through The Gallery of Nigeria’s Most Decorated Banker

April 15
16:36 2022



Yes, Godwin Emefiele, the CBN Governor, hasn’t won APC’s presidential ticket yet, he has won so many hearts.

In an era when both the mainstream and new media commit the systemic looting of accolades, heaping it on undeserving social symbols and demagogues, Emefiele attracts recognition by dint of his good works.

Due to his ceaseless contributions to society and commitment to the attainment of the good of all, has over time attained the status of global sweetheart. In appreciation of his sterling citizenship of humanity, he has received numerous local and international awards. It is also worthy of mention that he enjoys favourable media mention; Emefiele effortlessly attracts the patronage of local and international media.


If the world at large views Nigeria through her battles with insecurity and corruption, Godwin Emefiele personifies the nation’s determinedly inward focus. He is the smiling Buddha presiding over the simmering heap of Nigeria’s banking halls. He’s the stout man standing.

Unlike the proverbial prophet who has no honour among his kith and kin, Emefiele has emerged as a serial awards winner, earning honourable mentions and plaques for meritorious service from local and international organisations.

Indeed, very few accomplished professionals in their prime could command such attention from the public and mainstream media. But Godwin Emefiele is remarkably different.

As it is often said that comments are free but facts are sacred, every news byte about Emefiele commands the flurry of attention and the enduring tribute of interminable cheers.
In his role as Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele emerges as the unflappable fixer. He fixes both social and political economies. Emefiele belongs to the class of men that are regarded as the salt of the earth; with him at the helm of affairs, the CBN has evolved into something more than a burnt cauldron. It is no longer the stagnant pool of toxic and regressive banking culture.

On Emefiele’s watch, commercial banking has evolved to perform more progressive roles; banks have learnt to abide by the rules and compete without venom, and erstwhile subverting forex operators have been cut to size. Not only has he introduced progressive reforms and innovations into the banking industry, he also serves the role of a guardian and model leader.

Bolstered by his resolve to excel and sanitise the nation’s banking sector, his unyielding spirit has paid off. It has seen Nigeria through the teething and oft tumultuous stages of pandemic-induced distress to more promising clime.

There are but very few administrators like Godwin Emefiele. To this end, concerned patriots believe he could commit his brilliance and vibrant magnetism to transcend banking and economics, and fix Nigeria.

Emefiele is that super candidate whose outward and innate appeal transcends tribe, age, gender, and cultic cabals; ultimately, he embodies sterling genius and administrative depth, thus furnishing a dynamic lens through which to view progressive economics and professional excellence.

Any political party worth its salt is always on the lookout for converts. But no one in the political space today brings the level of missionary zeal to the task that Godwin Emefiele does. From the southwest, southeast, southsouth, northwest to northeast, groups of patriots have been cheerfully and passionately clearing a path for Emefiele’s candidacy in the 2023 presidential elections, in the likeliest and unlikeliest precincts.

Though he has not publicly declared an interest in the 2023 presidential election, the prospective candidacy of Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, continues to excite and attract new converts.
The CBN chief’s candidacy has been garnering traction and support from different demographics across the country and beyond.

No doubt, heroes and comets have been reverenced for the same reason Godwin Emefiele is enjoying political idolatry. At the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s national convention in Abuja, the clouds parted as the heavens heaved to vet Emefiele’s candidacy for the party’s presidential ticket, en route to the 2023 elections.
For incontestable reasons, the incumbent Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) stands the best chance of giving the APC victory at the forthcoming elections, if he is given the party’s presidential ticket.

This much was discernible in the massive support and campaign for an Emefiele presidential ticket at the recently concluded APC national convention at Eagle Square, in Abuja.

At the event, lovers of the CBN governor from all walks of life and ethnicity campaigned openly, demanding that APC gives him the mandate to represent the party at the 2023 presidential elections.

The venue of the event was flooded with campaign posters of Emefiele while Arewa, Yoruba, Igbo, Tiv, Nupe, Urhobo, Itsekiri groups, to mention a few, passionately campaign for the CBN governor, tenacious in their belief that he is the next best thing to happen to Nigeria’s economic and political space in a long while.

Most emphatic and inspiring were their sustained chants thus dominating the APC convention, and making it an epic vote of confidence in the abilities of Emefiele to lead Nigeria.

Many of Emefiele’s key qualities are encapsulated in that key moment: his matchless genius, his sterling service, a soft voice and melodic accent, fierce determination, outstanding intuition, intimate knowledge of banking and economics, and calling a spade a spade without putting any of his cards on the table.

Emefiele hasn’t won APC’s presidential ticket yet, but he has won many battles. He is among the most astute of technocrats, the best among Nigeria’s public office leaders.

By many quantitative metrics, Emefiele may pass as the most unconventional Nigerian politician who would assume the presidential office. He epitomises a rare phenomenon seizing the political arena, less by his devices and more by the initiative of individuals and groups eager to put Nigeria’s leadership in the hands of the best man for the job.

The pro-Emefiele force is currently running the most unconventional of campaigns, blowing like a whirlwind to seize rallies, on the strength of the grit, brilliance and patriotism displayed by Emefiel in performance of his duty as Nigeria’s chief banker and economist. He is the man entrusted with the financial wellbeing of Nigeria and protection of her living standards.

And Emefiele has certainly shown that he is the best man for the job; the message was clear at the APC convention at the Eagle Square, in Abuja.

On Emefiele’s watch, Nigeria would prosper and attain monumental glories.

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