For Billionaire Businessman, Sholaye Jeremi, It’s a New ‘Dawn’

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For Billionaire Businessman, Sholaye Jeremi, It’s a New ‘Dawn’

For Billionaire Businessman, Sholaye Jeremi, It’s a New ‘Dawn’
December 20
17:59 2018

By Según Oderinde

Like anxious teenagers waiting for their bar mitzvah, many people, near and far-flung, are eager to know who billionaire oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi is. Truthfully, he has this uncommon aura of sophistication oozing around him. He is a true “son of the soil” with an unusual sense of attachment and responsibility to his fatherland. He has covered many grounds and has stories of conquests to line up at an age when many of his contemporaries are still struggling to find their feet.

The native of Warri, Delta State, in the estimation of many friends and associates, is unarguably cut out for greater roles in Nigeria’s socio-political and economic sectors but rather than get high on the wings of the lofty hopes about him, he chooses to begin his humble ascent the corridors of acclaim and entrepreneurial power by espousing the morals, personal and professional ethics.

Now, it’s a new dawn for the dark-hued dude. He has had a good year and what better way to pamper himself than by copping the Rolls Royce Dawn described as the sexiest Rolls Royce ever built. The kind of car that is bound to make you feel like apologizing to other road users for making them look and feel inferior, the Dawn, with the sheer ability to suspend one in peace and pleasure, is valued at over $450, 000. Those who have seen the elegance-on-wheels describe it as a beauty beyond description, the ultimate expression in style and confidence. For easier and less conspicuous navigation on the raucous streets of Lagos, Jeremi also added a Range Rover 2018 and a Benz S. Class.

Interestingly, the selfless gentleman did not pamper himself alone; he is currently reaching out to the despaired and downtrodden in some states in Nigeria. Sources close to him say since he made good, noiseless but far-reaching philanthropy has been his watchword. “Every Christmas season, he ships truckloads of foodstuffs to some states and ensures that every household has something to feast on during the festive season. Jeremi is somebody who does all these things without making any noise. He doesn’t believe in social media philanthropy because he despises the attendant fickle popularity,” said a source.

The Capital further gathered that Jeremi provides a wide range of social welfare programs with the intent to be the voice of those who desperately need help, where society has let them through the cracks and turned its back on them. Indeed, his philanthropy is innate, a voluntary act which cannot be manufactured. He nurtures a robust interest in the humane. He was never brought up to savour bluster by finding pleasure in what is so commonly condemned neither was he given to pessimism at an early age. He chooses only to see the sunny spokes behind the darkest pall.

He does not turn a blind eye to the needy. Rather he pays good mind to their needs. And in this respect, his generosity proclaims him. Sholaye is indeed generous at heart. He embarks on a humanitarian odyssey like a kind of poet and painter whose imagination is unclipped. He paints picturesque scenes in lives severely marred by squalor; he encrusts bleakness in shiny varnish and, as he is able, he seeks to mend small damaged lives here and there

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  1. Bukola
    Bukola December 20, 18:32

    Linda ooooo. Apostle must hear this

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  2. Uadab
    Uadab December 21, 09:59

    Good man.He is not a noise maker. Our God will continue tobless you more as you remember us too at Xmas. Keep shinny n please my son, don’t forget little Jayce.

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  3. Moronmubo
    Moronmubo December 21, 12:35

    Brother Jeremy please check on your son this Xmas make him Linda son that boy is too cute he needs your fatherly love thank you

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  4. Jummy
    Jummy December 21, 16:49

    God bless him more. Please I need financial help of 300,000 to buy a second hand tricycle for transportation to ease my family financial problems this Christmas. Thank you sir.

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  5. Vikky
    Vikky December 22, 06:05

    Good man keep it up. But get married soon so that young ladies will not take advantage of you like that Linda if you’re not interested in marrying them. Get sealed up. Thanks

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  6. Vikky
    Vikky December 22, 06:10

    That’s fine. God helping you. But you need to get married to your best suitor so opportunists will not take advantage of you. Thanks

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