From Cabin Crew To Oil Magnate…Greg Uanseru Celebrates 60th Birthday In Grand Style

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From Cabin Crew To Oil Magnate…Greg Uanseru Celebrates 60th Birthday In Grand Style

From Cabin Crew To Oil Magnate…Greg Uanseru Celebrates 60th Birthday In Grand Style
July 29
08:57 2018


In pursuit of glory, Greg Uanseru, the billionaire oil mogul behind GCA Energy, learnt to thrive like a lily in unimaginable valleys. Like white rose growing on concrete slabs or the daring mushroom that pierces the motionless eternity of earth, pushing clearly but obstinately, through faint form, till the hour of fertility strikes, the native of Edo sought to fluorish where many have cowed to defeat.


Unlike the proverbial lazy bones who lived to see the sun rise before his eyes were closed while the dawn chorus becomes his lullaby, Greg worked through dusk and dawn to actualize his heartfelt dreams of grandeur. He was a flight attendant in Nigeria Airways before he moved into oil and gas.

He knew quite early in life that his humble roots should inspire him to success rather than become a burden and impediment to his spirited strides to success.  He understood that to learn even the quarter of a breeze, he must hold up a wet finger. Hence he pursued knowledge to his advantage. Today, at 60, he has beautiful story to tell.

IMG_5673Greg Uanseru is indeed a true man of his people. The top businessman occupies a soft spot in the hearts of his most trusted business and political associates. Thus his 60th birthday manifested as a worthy testament to his enduring popularity and acclaim.

The event was indeed a memorable one; business associates, friends and family members of the oil magnate deserted the humdrum of their daily lives to celebrate with one of their own yesterday, July 28th, at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The sound of the bass reverberated in their chests as they cheered and celebrated the man widely and fondly referred to as GG.

Every guest was given the royalty treatment; they were all treated to the choicest brands of champagne; from Ace of spade, Don-Perignon, Crystal and Cognac to Moet & Chandon. Asides the assorted liquor, beer and fruit juices, the guests were also treated to delicious finger foods and dessert that sufficiently wet their palates and sated them.  At the background, a soulful medley of very old and contemporary music wafted from well-appointed woofers causing the guests to sway, shuffle and waltz as much as the music moved them and transported them to euphoric cusps.

However, many a billionaire cannot be elegant even if they slave at it, so they choose to be extravagant. They forget that in matters of reputation and honour, style, rather than a deep pocket, is the most crucial thing. But Greg is remarkably different. He understands that if poise and panache could be taught by universal rules, it would no longer be poise or panache, and every middling fellow with deep pocket or otherwise may adorn themselves with the twin traits of sophistication and elite breeding.

Many a rich, privileged billionaire stumble into vogue but it takes a discerning man of class and élan to mirror the girth and depth of burgeoning trends to the world. Greg without doubt, epitomizes such exclusive breed of manhood; among other traits, he flaunts immaculate flair and charisma to often lead and set the pace in whatever social circuit he inhabits. He effortlessly characterize the essence and refinement, exemplary of intensely constituted men of style.

Besides his expensively stocked closet, Greg betrays unwavering love for the finest automobiles money can buy. He never dithers from acquiring premium machines hence as you read, his picturesque mansion gives shelter to the most expensive automobile. Little wonder he cuts a perfect portrait of a man fully at home and at peace with his inner grandeur. Married to two beautiful wives and wonderful children.




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