Emefiele 2023: Emefiele 2023: Gov. Akeredolu, Bury Your Head In Shame

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Emefiele 2023: Emefiele 2023: Gov. Akeredolu, Bury Your Head In Shame

Emefiele 2023: Emefiele 2023: Gov. Akeredolu, Bury Your Head In Shame
May 07
11:48 2022

-Akeredolu’s Gospel of Dubious ‘Truth’

– Ondo gov. descends into the abyss of reason

– His futile quest to malign Emefiele

There is something about Ondo State governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu that reiterates his gift of side-splitting politics. Were he not a sitting governor, Akeredolu could pass for a model clown.

But being clownish in demeanour ultimately emphasises his elevated status above any random politician.

Unlike some of his peer without a knack for pitiful humour, Akeredolu symbolises the comical, base and partisan with extreme twists.

Indeed, Godwin Emefiele’s purported entry into the 2023 presidential race is not just a big deal; the head honcho of the Central Bank of Nigeria is the real deal. And nothing accentuates this fact than the series of discourses generated since his “friends” first came to town, urging him to contest the seat. That Emefiele passes the test of the 3Cs (competence, capacity and character) has never been in question; his retention by President Muhammadu Buhari is huge cue with regards to his technocratic and managerial abilities.

Nevertheless, as is the case in Nigeria’s murky water of politics, it is that season when many leave substance to chase shadows. It is just appalling that a supposed learned man of law and two-term governor of Ondo State in the person of Rotimi Akeredolu has chosen to be the poster boy of the dirty politics of this era. It is even more preposterous that a man of Akeredolu standing, whose knowledge of law has been reimbursed by the conferment of the prestigious Senior Advocate of Nigeria on him, could release a statement asking a performing CBN governor to “disengage forthwith” on a conclusion founded on a faulty premise – hearsay and rumour.

In his own words,”Rumours had been rife on the subterranean partisan activities linked to him”; as a lawyer of supposed track record, what Akeredolu failed to establish was an actual event where Emefiele openly spoke of any presidential ambition in spite of the constant pressure mounted on him to throw his hat into the ring. What Akeredolu has displayed is a sheer vendetta over nothing.

That some rice farmers, who have been beneficiaries of Emefiele-led CBN policy on agriculture, went ahead to purchase nomination forms for Emefiele in appreciation of his feats at CBN and direct impact on the economy does not warrant Akeredolu’s call for him to resign or be sacked. The Nigerian Constitution guarantees Emefiele’s rights of association and rights to seek elective positions.

The CBN Act provides that “The Governor and the Deputy Governor shall devote the whole of their time to the service of the Bank and while holding office shall not engage in any full or part time employment or vocation whether remunerated or not except such personal and charitable causes as may be determined by the Board and which do not conflict with or detract from their full-time duties…” Employment (full or part time) is defined as “the state of having paid work.” So, when or if Emefiele eventually declares, his seeking elective office would NEVER be defined as “the state of having paid work.” And Akeredolu should know that the Constitution takes pre-eminence over any act, especially such act has provisions that are contentious.

Meanwhile with that jejune statement, Akeredolu let loose his hypocrisy, allowing it to walk on all fours. He would have made a whole lot of sense if his condemnation of Emefiele’s rumoured aspiration had been extended to his fellow politicians and political appointees who have personally indicated to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, and even gone ahead to pick the All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination forms. He acted blind and dumb to them only to play the ostrich. Didn’t the wise say “What is good for the goose is also good for the gander?”

Even a toddler would agree thst Akeredolu’s meddlesomeness stinks. Ondo State civils are groaning under pain as a result of his inability to pay their salaries while its senior citizens who dedicated their productive years to the service of the state lament because they are owed arrears of pensions and gratuities. He would be doing himself and the people a whole lot of good if he channels his energies towards making life easy for these poor souls.

One couldn’t have forgotten so soon how Akeredolu swore in his son, Babajide Akeredolu as a special adviser and a Director-General of Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit of the state.

Babajide’s appointment comes barely twenty months after Akeredolu bragged that he would reward his son for his hard work during the campaign for his election and that there was nothing anyone could do about it.

He said his son worked hard during his campaign and that there was nothing anyone could do if he decided to appoint him as his Chief of Staff.

The governor, while speaking during a dinner organised in commemoration of his third anniversary in March 2020, said his son worked harder than most members of the campaign.

“When somebody says Baba (Babajide) is this, I just laugh at them. If I wanted to make Baba my chief of staff, he can be; did you do more than him in the campaign? Ask yourself, how many of you did more than Baba in the campaign? How many?” he had asked.

“The young boy was going everywhere and all of us saw him but we decided not to because he wouldn’t want it. My son is satisfied, that’s why. If he is not, I will put him somewhere, there is nothing anybody can do. I will put him there, there is nothing you can do. Is he not my son? Is he not from Ondo state? Has he not worked?”

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