Love turns murder! Why popular Lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, stabbed husband to death

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Love turns murder! Why popular Lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, stabbed husband to death

Love turns murder! Why popular Lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, stabbed husband to death
February 03
11:50 2016

• How wedlock child caused fracas between the couple

Yesterday, the ancient city of Ibadan woke up to the tragic news of an Ibadan big boy, Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku, who was brutally murdered by his wife, a lawyer at the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan over an undisclosed fracas.
However, a source has revealed to TheCapital the real cause of the fight between Yewande and her deceased husband, Lowo.

According to information gathered, the late Lowo lived in France for a long time and finally decided to come home after his friends convinced him that his Haulage business will boom in Nigeria.
While in France, after his marriage to Yewande, Lowo, like every African man, had a white girlfriend who gave birth to a baby for him while wife back home was yet to produce.

However, Yewande, who has been kept in the dark got to know about the love-child between her husband and the white woman. In the cause of the truth coming to light, argument erupted between the couple when Lowo told the wife, Yewande that they should contact the lady in France and adopt the child since she is yet to conceive because of her Fibroid.

Our source disclosed that prior to the disclosure of the love-child, Lowo has sponsored his wife’s trip to France severally to have an operation done to remove the fibroid, but she never did.

As the argument continued, Yewande ran into the room to pick up a pair of scissors to stab her husband in the arm. It was revealed that Lowo was rushed to the Hospital where he was treated. The Doctor gave him painkiller and anti-biotic for him to go home and rest.

While he was sleeping at home, the wife targeted him again and stabbed him in the neck. He woke up and stumbled outside the house where he slumped and died immediately.

According to the source, Lowo was a gentle and an easy going man and was never in a violent relationship as earlier reported. Yewande is currently being detained at the State CID Iyaganku, Ibadan Oyo State.

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  1. adebowale alimat
    adebowale alimat February 04, 09:19

    Comment…very wicked wife

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    • Taiwo
      Taiwo February 06, 04:25

      That story is not concrete. He had a child in 2012, met his wife after and they got married in 2013. Pls note that he had the child before he met her.

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