Old wine tastes better…Why young ladies swoon for ‘sugar daddies’

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Old wine tastes better…Why young ladies swoon for ‘sugar daddies’

Old wine tastes better…Why young ladies swoon for ‘sugar daddies’
September 23
14:59 2017

Full-length mink coats, a new Mercedes Benz 4matic or Range Rover Evoque and a tastefully furnished apartment or mansion in highbrow Banana Island, Victoria Island, Lagos makes falling in love with an older man a.k.a Sugar Daddy, pretty easy and so much fun for a young lady. Add to the mix, unrestricted access to gold and platinum credit cards and the innumerable possibilities presented by the sugar daddy’s ownership of a private jet, and you have a gleeful, girly paramour whose joy knows no limits.

A private jet is no doubt a game-changer, it presents the girl, lady or sugar baby, if you like, cozy prospects, like the possibility of flying by private jet to Europe just to spend some days in an exclusive sauna or salon getting her hair and nails done. One Lagos sugar baby even has a bank account set up where her much older companion deposits $10,000 a month to cover “incidentals” like Chanel bags, Hermes belts and the latest Louboutins.
Although some would readily cite falling in love truly with her rich old lover but that is simply one defense that could hardly stand the test of doubts and intolerant criticisms by less permissive and conservative sections of the contemporary society. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that the rules of dating and marriage are changing and Nigerian ladies would not be caught napping in the global dash for the sugar daddy with the deep pocket.
But are there other reasons responsible for the trend? Why do very young ladies, Nigerian ladies in particular, now prefer the comfort of the love and company of older men beyond the lure of the latter’s comforting and very intimidating bank account?
From Sade and Rasaq Okoya to Michael Adeojo (Elizade Motors’ boss), Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Emeka Offor, Sunny Kuku and  some of such relationships have been known to result in rewarding and undeniably blissful wedlock. A careful look around the contemporary Nigerian society will reveal different manifestations of love and relationships between the older men and younger women. Today, a lot of young girls prefer the rich older men with big names to younger dudes who are still struggling.

Ask Dabota Lawson, the former beauty queen who dated Novena Boss, Sunny Aku; Folakemi Birch who  gave birth to a baby boy for the  former Lagos Speaker and Eni lawani who is set to marry John Obayuwana, among others; they will surely have interesting stories to tell and reasons to give for preference in love and relationship.
The contemporary young woman who has dated quite a few younger men knows that there are some things that an older man or her sugar daddy would do for her that a younger lover just won’t do to make her happy.
But why is that? The answer is simple: having spent lots of years of learning, living, and growing up with women, a mature sugar daddy gradually comes by the knowledge of how to charm a younger lady or sugar baby in ways that an immature, inexperienced young man can’t. in a nutshell rich, powerful older men use what they know and possess to connect with beautiful, young women by doing some things to keep her interested and ready to commit.
The Capital findings revealed that many sugar babies or young women prefer to enter into amorous relationships with rich older men because the latter for instance, acts respectful and mature. That is, the sugar daddy knows when to smile and offer a polite remark knowing that these go a long way with some women. He also knows that knowledge is power so when he is confident in who he is; his appreciation for self and the other will be displayed for all to see. There is no room for irresponsibility, foolish behavior, and laziness in the sugar daddy’s world, it is believed.
The sugar daddy is also aware that while a younger woman may be intelligent there are still certain areas in her life that still needs nurturing and growth. Therefore, he will exhibit the kind of wisdom that will motivate her to make wiser decisions and grow from her life experiences.
A sugar daddy could keep a young woman in his room and play with her all day, but he knows that she will eventually get bored, so he knows at some point he has to offer her more than just sex. So he makes plans for the two to go touring, shopping, vacationing and meeting with family and friends once he becomes serious with her.
More importantly, the rich, older lover unlike the younger man who is trying to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck already has money. In fact, he is stupendously rich enough that he is ever willing to share his wealth without losing his cool or feeling like he can’t afford to maintain a relationship with his younger lover. This is a relief to a young woman who may have had a history of walking on eggshells with a young man who acted selfishly, rude and even obscenely frugal when it came to generosity.

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