PDP Chairmanship…How Gbenga Daniel squandered his fortune chasing rainbows

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PDP Chairmanship…How Gbenga Daniel squandered his fortune chasing rainbows

PDP Chairmanship…How Gbenga Daniel squandered his fortune chasing rainbows
December 11
06:35 2017

· Former Ogun governor treated like minion in party’s major election

Gbenga Daniel is not in a good mood even as you read. He has wasted priceless time and fortune in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality. Having exhausted his fortune in pursuit of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chairmanship seat, he has suddenly ended up like the proverbial prodigal child who seized his fortune in a fit of greed and frittered it away in one fell swoop.

The former Governor of Ogun State has suddenly realised the futility of his quest for the PDP’s national chairmanship just when the race intensified. Daniel was forced to step down and ditch his ambition at the 11th hour.
There is no gainsaying he was goaded and deceived into believing that he was a top contender for the position and thus stood a chance to win it.
Led by that false belief, Daniel started his campaign early, dipping into the little fortune he saved up from his two terms as Ogun State governor.
He traversed the nooks and crannies of the country, visiting and seeking the endorsements of top politicians and chieftains of the PDP. In the process, he spent all the money he saved for his retirement especially the money he made as a governor.

Deceived by his endorsers’ false promises, he went about town boasting about how he would trump other aspirants. He bragged and bayed about his influence and connection in high places but as the election results showed, he was simply another political lightweight and nobody in his beloved PDP.

But few hours before the election, Daniel was urged to forget his ambition and he realised the futility of his enterprise. Prior to his acceptance to back down, he spat in the air and received it with measured cadence but nothing happened. Many sneered and sniggered wondering what theatric the rambunctious politician would conjure in protest of the results but the former governor of Ogun State was at his wits end.

Pundits aver that if Daniel had any foreboding of danger or disgrace before the election, he would not have contested but his instincts were in deep slumber. When push came to shove Gbenga chickened out of the race. It was actually a day to the election and his braggadocio for which he had achieved renown, failed him.

As if that was not enough humiliation, at the convention, they opted for his Ijebu arch rival, Ladi Adebutu’s candidate instead of deferring to ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel. They gave Deputy National Chairman(South) to Elder Yemi Akinwonmi) by Ladi Adebutu. Daniel cried blue murder but nothing happened. All his money had gone down the drain and with his tail in between his legs, Daniel scurried back home to sulk and bemoan his fate in the comfort of his Sagamu homestead.

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