Revealed ! reasons why Sen Ita Giwa is still single at 70

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Revealed ! reasons why Sen Ita Giwa is still single at 70

Revealed ! reasons why Sen Ita Giwa is still single at 70
March 15
11:53 2016

Senator Florence Ita Giwa is a woman known for her elegance and glamour although, she clocked 70 years recently which she celebrated in a grand style, it would take a lot of convincing for anyone to believe it because of her youthfulness, timeless beauty and grace.

She is known for her love and support towards the younger generations and how much she has generously sponsored several people and contributed to making sure they become responsible members of the society.

After losing her husband, Dele Giwa in 1986 to the cold hands of death, the fearless woman has allowed nothing to deprive her of her joy and living her life to the fullest.

Several years after the death of her husband, her decision to be a single parent have stirred up several rumour and speculations, pertaining reasons why she didn’t remarry after the death of her husband, she recently revealed in a chat, the reason why she is still single at 70 and her desire to still have a partner. She said,

‘I remained single because I live by example. I have brought up children that as soon as they graduated from school, they got married and have their own children. If your environment is rough, when you change partners then your children are likely to grow up rough and to change partners and as such I didn’t want to take a risk of changing partners. However, I am a human being, there is need for me to have a relationship but I decided that at one point I have to be sure.

I don’t want to say that I didn’t see anybody that was worth it but I am still sifting through so that I don’t ever change partners. At this stage of my life, if ever there will be a partner, that partner would be my partner for life. Secondly, I live a very busy life and for most part of my life in the last 10 years, I have done some very serious things that I didn’t need that distraction. I had to take care of my business and my service to humanity. I did a lot of things that I was not sure that I could have found a man that will buy into that vision and again there is issue of men feeling intimidated by successful career women and there is no way I would have negotiated my career because I have children. Though I do not intend to ever change my name which has become a brand I am not guaranteeing that I would remain single.

I have amazing friends; I am socially very busy as well but I have friends that respect me and will not take advantage of that friendship. I have very civilised male friends who do not want to take advantage. So if I want to go for dinner I have friends both Nigerian and non-Nigerians that will take me out. I have friends that will travel with me; we have very excellent and decent relationship. However, I cannot guarantee that I would remain single for the rest of my life’.

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