The charm and class of Greg Uanseru

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The charm and class of Greg Uanseru

March 21
09:37 2016

• GCA boss’ love for Rolls Royce and why he is loved by women and envied by men

Greg Uanseru’s wealth charms at first sight but it is his merit that wins the soul. The billionaire businessman and CEO of GCA Energy Limited, operates at an advanced frequency of good life. Every day presents new opportunities for him to fulfill his hankering for success and impeccable taste for luxury. At every public appearance, Greg becomes the cynosure of all eyes; he is widely envied by his male peers. Greg’s penchant for excellence, his stupendous wealth and culture of class and luxury makes him attractive to countless women even as he is envied and secretly revered by his male peers.

The boss of GCA Energy’s love for the good life is reflective in his taste for luxury cars. Greg loves the grandeur of Bentley and the royalty of Rolls Royce. At every point, he cruises around with two Rolls Royce automobiles. Ladies love him for this and men worship him. At the mere mention of his name, the faces of many women break into infectious smiles, their hearts melt and a silent laughter dance on their lips- particularly the women whose world the generous man has rocked by his generosity. He is the darling of many ladies at parties as everybody would want to have a word with him.

However, unlike most of his peers, Greg’s journey to affluence is not shrouded in mystery. He is a man that knew what he wanted very early in life and he pursued it. His company, GCA Energy Limited was registered in the late eighties as Greg Continental Agency Limited and acted as an Agency Company to Siemens Building Technologies UK Limited providing support services to Nigerian Refineries & Petrochemical Industries in the area of Spares, Fire Engineering and Gas Chromatography.

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