The Silent Oil Billionaire! Why Nobody Jostles Or Butt Heads With A A  Rano Boss, Abdullahi Rano within NNPC

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The Silent Oil Billionaire! Why Nobody Jostles Or Butt Heads With A A  Rano Boss, Abdullahi Rano within NNPC

The Silent Oil Billionaire! Why Nobody Jostles Or Butt Heads With A A  Rano Boss, Abdullahi Rano within NNPC
December 24
14:04 2017


How he turned his vision of excellence into an extraordinary success story

Alh. (dr) Auwalu Abdullahi Rano is a man perpetually in his element; his strides are blooming into peerless vistas and echoes of his attainments resound across the business and social firmament, like the silky-smooth refrain of a grand opera.  The billionaire magnate’s brilliance and lofty skills continually avails him leverage as the mythical magic carpet perfects the flight of the fabled Aladdin.

There is no gainsaying Rano displays unusual abilities and passion for excellence. His unmistakable shrewdness and ability to manage enterprise and human relationships ennobles him before peer and underlings. So reputable is Rano that he effortlessly commands the respect and loyalty of his numerous clients and associates within and outside government and private business circuits.

Rano is rock solid in depth and proficiency hence his unfading appeal to the hierarchies of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Rano is extremely powerful in the oil and gas sector. Nobody jostles with him or butt heads with him within NNPC and the private business sector.
He is so powerful and influential within the NNPC and outside it; and this enables him enjoy the loyalty and support of his numerous government and private business clients.

Rano is indeed close to the powers that be. He gets massive allocations in the corporation; when he sneezes, everybody in NNPC catches cold.

The billionaire magnate, with business concerns in Chad, commenced the business of marketing and distribution of petroleum products on a very small scale in the year 1994. As a young entrepreneur, he had a dream of becoming a leader in the downstream sub-sector of the Nigerian petroleum industry.
Born and raised in the town of Rano, a small Hausa-Fulani Community in Kano State, Rano commenced marketing and distribution of petroleum products in 1994, thus producing sustained revenue and growth in the dynamic and challenging downstream subsector of Nigerian petroleum sector.

He built his first retail outlets in Kano State in 1996, and he incorporated A. A Rano Nigeria Limited in the Year 2002. As a philanthropist of note, he founded the renowned A. A Rano Foundation, a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization that focuses on community development projects including health, education, provision of portable water, youth and women empowerment.

Rano internalised a visionary culture of industry at an early age. From adolescence through adulthood, he sought to acquire the inexhaustible ropes of humility, industriousness and sincere modesty.
This is why he towers above his peers in industry and records remarkable achievement where so many others have failed.

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