Africa loses one of her finest…Yeye Bola Dare

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Africa loses one of her finest…Yeye Bola Dare

Africa loses one of her finest…Yeye Bola Dare
January 18
13:21 2016

•The thwarted dreams of ‘Mother Theresa of Africa’
•How she died of food poisoning
• The fate of the kids at Mother Theresa Orphanage home

Alive, she shouldered a rare and inspiring womanhood stepping up to motivate and lift the spirits of many a orphan and adult fan of her Orphanage home in Abuja. In death, she looms even larger in stature and immensity to the human cause; which makes her unforgettable to her friends, business associates and family.

No one would forget so easily, Yeye Bola Dare. Until her death, she remained an inspirational figure to generations of African women and girls and this is attributable to her sterling character and exploits across various fields in her lifetime.

Interestingly, however, Yeye Bola Dare wanted her orphanage, Mother Theresa Children’s Home to be replicated in every countries in Africa but the cold hand of death took her from seeing this dream realized. At the prime age of 49, the green-reaper harvested her when her juice was still sweetening the mouths of her adopted children and it seems only God knows what becomes of their fates as their succor giver is no more.

Yeye Bola’s orphanage home which was established in 2007 as a non-profit organisation has grown to cater for the needs of over 100 babies.

Since the commissioning of the Home by the Catholic Archbishop, Rev. John Onaiyekan, Mother Theresa Children’s Home has become a top notch motherless babies’ Home where several first ladies, business men and woman and high-profiled politician have visited and also seek to visit for those who haven’t.

Once appointed as the Director of Strategy and Logistics of the Goodluck Support Group (GSG), her association with top politician and First Ladies placed her on the high table of many as well as Mother Theresa Children home.

During the recent visit of the International Monetary Fund, (IM) boss, Ms. Christine Lagarde to Nigeria, the IMF boss paid a warm visit to Yeye Bola’s orphanage where she had the opportunity to interact with some of the children and also seek to intervene and improve their welfare through the International Monetary Fund.

The announcement of her untimely and tragic death shook the high society as it remains a shock to many who are yet to believe that the amiable and selfless Yeye Bola Dare has finally departed from this world.

The news of her death rumoured on Friday as it was gathered that after a short cry of stomach-ache, Yeye Bola gave up the ghost while she was being taken to a nearby hospital.
She was reported to have died of food poisoning and this is currently generating controversy.

Her passion for the motherless
Aside from being a business woman, politician and a socialite, Bola Dare is also reputed as a philanthropist with a soft spot for orphans and homeless kids. Her Mother Theresa Children’s Home in Abujahas helped to transform the lives of many homeless children.

Her passion for the motherless children in the society sprung out of her desire to give back to the society and give the motherless kids a second chance, which she believed was her primary assignment in life after she disclosed that it was an agreement between her and God.

She once revealed that she can put everything on hold including her business and her political career just to attend to the orphanage and noted that she would love to be remembered as ‘mother theresa’of Africa.

Despite being from a privileged background, Bola Dare never allowed her passion for the orphans to waver. She took care of them like she knew what it meant to be homeless and live without a mother.

Many who have visited the Mother Theresa Orphanage located in the heart of Abuja, Gwarinpa professed their admiration and praises for the high socialite, Bola Dare who left nothing out by making sure the children were given the best of everything they needed to be a respectable member of the society.

The fate of the orphanage
The death of Yeye Bola Dare may be the end of the promising orphanage home, many are of this opinion. Running an orphanage is done with passion because it involves a lot of sacrifices, and only the person who is driven by the passion may sustain the running of it. The children in the Mother Theresa Orphanage will surely feel the impact of the demise of their adopted mother the most.

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