Trading jail cells! Curious tale of the pitiless banker and celebrity blogger

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Trading jail cells! Curious tale of the pitiless banker and celebrity blogger

Trading jail cells! Curious tale of the pitiless banker and celebrity blogger
May 08
08:11 2016

• Fidelity Bank MD in police net few months after causing blogger’s arrest

By Babatunde Onanuga

Villains win in movies and books. Their victory is predictable where the plot is somewhat gory. But when the characters and their nemesis are at a stale mate, their imperfections take over, and they become deterrents for generations to learn from. Between Nnamdi Okonkwo and Seun Oloketuyi, fate may have chosen the hero and the villain.

The intrigues that tossed the Managing Director (MD) of Fidelity Bank and the prominent blogger respectively, may have faded from public circuits but the fate is hardly done with the duo.
Some months ago, the MD of Fidelity bank arrested Oloketuyi for allegedly written an untrue story about him. Seun was remanded in prison for about one month even though he pleaded with Okonkwo to forgive him. Okonkwo ignored Oloketuyi’s apology and chose to deal decisively with him.

Seun wept and wailed like a banshee then. Nothing happened. He resigned to the fickle finger of fate.

Consequently, Oloketuyi, at a court directive, issued a public apology and placed an advertorial in the national dailies to apologise to Okonkwo. Although he was severely ‘disciplined’ for annoying Okonkwo, Oloketuyi escaped jail term by the whiskers.

The blogger regained his freedom after he was taught a very bitter lesson on the ethics of journalism. However, few months after Oloketuyi’s encounter with the Fidelity Bank MD, the latter is under arrest. Today, Okonkwo is in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for his complicity in a $115m dollars slush fund scandal.

Soon after he was arrested, he was replaced by the management of the bank. Oloketuyi is back on his grind, enjoying the exciting life of a blogger – though with greater caution – and Okonkwo is cooling his heels and his pride in EFCC net. Life is indeed transient! You are there today, tomorrow you are gone! Let’s hope every big man and tin god learn from their story.

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