And Nuel Ojei, TY Danjuma get the fattest bone…

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And Nuel Ojei, TY Danjuma get the fattest bone…

And Nuel Ojei, TY Danjuma get the fattest bone…
December 01
13:12 2015

· President Buhari rewards his two friends by granting them sole right to lift Naphtha in Nigeria
Time walks behind the man that treads slowly, like a submissive ox – doing his bidding and obliging him his heartfelt dreams. This incontestable reality further substantiates François Rabelais, late French humanist and satirist’s postulation which emphasizes thus: “He that has patience may compass anything.” Rabelais simply avers that the best things come to those who wait. Indeed, this stream of thought manifests truly in the lives of two billionaires: retired General T.Y Danjuma and Chief Nuel Emmanuel Ojei.
Both men are very close friends of President Muhammadu Buhari and former military ruler, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. And due to their unwavering loyalty to Buhari in particular, both men are currently enjoying enviable rewards. Recently, Ojei and TY Danjuma’s companies were granted license to lift Naphtha (flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures produced from natural gas condensates, petroleum distillates, and the distillation of coal tar and peat) in Nigeria – being the only two companies awarded such goodie by President Buhari. The retired General is undoubtedly happy with Ojei and Danjuma thus his profuse show of goodness to them. Some people will call it ‘preferential treatment’ but Buhari clearly doesn’t. Left to him, he is simply rewarding two good friends for their loyalty to him through thick and thin. This would have been commendable but for a snag; millions of Nigerians equally kept faith with him through thick and thin. How would President Buhari reward them all? Well, that is a debate for another day. Buhari’s government is really good for Ojei and Danjuma. According to a popular saw, the rich will continue to be rich in Nigeria.
While the public and pundits argue and obsess about President Buhari’s reward to his two friends, The Capital congratulates Ojei, over his miraculous recovery from stroke.
The debilitating ailment almost snuffed out the life of the Chairman of Nuel Ojei Holdings and cast his family in the vicious grip of inconsolable grief. But thanks to providence, the industry titan has bounced back to vitality. It could be recalled that news of Ojei’s debilitating ailment hit the social space some few years back like an indomitable ogre. The story caused panic about his health as friends, family and business associates beat themselves into a state of flux. Ojei was virtually incapacitated by the ailment that hardly anyone gave him a chance of recovery. So severe was the debilitating ailment that all forms of alternative treatment were sought to bring him back when orthodox medicine failed him. However, in a radical twist of fate, Ojei has chanced on his much sought panacea and as you read, he is on his way to full recovery even though he has been confined on a wheel chair. Hope has revisited that life of the man whose generosity a legion of people tirelessly attest to.

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