Dele Momodu revealed how he used Diezani Madueke to launch his newspaper

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Dele Momodu revealed how he used Diezani Madueke to launch his newspaper

Dele Momodu revealed how he used Diezani Madueke to launch his newspaper
March 07
10:51 2016

After Dele Momodu reported the pathetic story of the former minister of petroleum, Allison Diezani Madueke late last year, it brought about different speculations about the authenticity of the former minister’s pictures and the Interview she granted. Several people believed that Diezani’s pictures were doctored and the Ovation Boss took advantage of her vulnerable situation to garner publicity for his Newspaper outfit.

In a recent interview with City People, Bashorun Dele Momodu talked about how the interview with former minister of petroleum inspired him to launch a newspaper outfit and how long it took him to get the interview done. He said;

“The most important thing you need as a media practitioner is access and your ability to reach people everyone want to read about but they can’t get them. It took me two weeks to get her to grant that interview. Social media helped me to distribute that interview. If I had printed it alone, maybe I would have been able to just get few people to read it. Social media helped me to distribute that interview irrespective of where I was. I was in Dubai when that story broke and yet everybody saw it. It has demonstrated clearly that social media is everything”.

“ You can’t predict what I am going to do next. When The Boss newspaper came, I wasn’t planning it and when Dieziani Story came and I said we can’t use this in entertainment paper, that was why I launched the Boss Newspaper and everybody now talks about The Boss Newspaper”.

He also revealed that him and Diezani have not gotten in touch since she granted the interview except when it was rumoured that she didn’t grant him the permission to publish her story and she contacted him debunk the rumour.

The Bashorun further talked about his reaction to the baby mama saga between him and davido and also hid reaction to Osinachi Remix by Davido. He said;

You won’t believe that I just saw the video for the first time less than 2weeks ago. I saw the thriller for few seconds before that but I never bothered to go out of my way to watch it as I actually thought he was abusing me and I expected him to abuse me but when someone is like your son, you just have to let it past. Whether we like it or not, we are like family. His Dad and I have known each other like forever. The devil is a liar, when good things are happening, the devil will want to come in between it and all. I saw it on-line first as people were tweeting about it and I initially said, well, he is abusing me, no problem. You know several times in the past, he will attack me and apologize. I understand how he feels, he feels I am supporting my cousin against him and that is not it. All I wanted was just peace and I am happy we got it.

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