Mr. President sir! Your ministers are weaklings! – Dele Momodu

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Mr. President sir! Your ministers are weaklings! – Dele Momodu

Mr. President sir! Your ministers are weaklings! – Dele Momodu
May 16
15:59 2016

• Ovation publisher flays President Buhari for turning his cabinet to a group of weaklings
• How fear of anti-corruption fight robs presidential cabinet of initiative

Some men are sissies by nature. Many more are sissies by gratitude. This latter breed no doubt substantiates the maxim that in a politician’s gratitude, cowardice howls with the resonance of a storm in the Pacific. Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once. But President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers are unaware of this fact. Perhaps they are, they simply choose to ignore it. Like overexcited political underlings, they are simply too grateful and overwhelmed by their appointments that they wouldn’t dare look Presidential Buhari in the eye.

Such is the widely held view of President Buhari’s cabinet hence when Ovation publisher and former presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu, let loose his opinion about the incumbent presidential cabinet, he was only substantiating what had always being common knowledge in social and political circles.

Recently, Momodu flayed what he described as the intimidation of current ministers serving in the current administration by their principal, President Buhari. He claimed the president has instilled fear in the ministers hence they are not as vibrant and ingenious as former president Jonathan’s ministers.

The Ovation Magazine publisher made the assertion while in a speech at the first City People Social Media Awards. He advised President Buhari to stop obsessing over anti-corruption probe. According to him, his fixation with corruption has imposed paralyzing fear on his ministers who are too afraid to take any initiative.

‘If I were Buhari I would probe but not just probe, because there is too much scare mongering everywhere. When you are too scared of your boss you can’t do anything. Most of Buhari’s ministers are too scared of their boss and it is bad for business. They are not vibrant. Jonathan’s ministers are more vibrant than Buhari’s ministers because they are too scared…This obsession with they stole our money, is too much. We know Jonathan did not do anything, that’s why we sacked him. So Buhari, do your own,” he said.

It would be recalled that Momodu campaigned for Buhari in the last presidential elections.

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  1. Kulutempa
    Kulutempa May 17, 02:49

    Dele should please face his publishing business.

    Maybe Rawlings treatment would have been better to tell him that enough of these stealing.

    It seems Ovation patronage has dropped. The hype has fizzled out. Patrons can’t show face anymore because of probable probing.

    Anti corruption war all over the world has nothing to do with cowing behaviour by the ministers if you are honest.

    Or has he become the megaphone of the complaining ministers?

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