Shattered life!

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Shattered life!

Shattered life!
December 02
11:45 2015

· How Maheeda was raped by her father at the tender age of 11
At the tender age of 11, Maheeda was not a girl but she could not be called ‘woman.’ Girl-interrupted best defined her piteous state. Her hymen was brutally ruptured and her innocence was cruelly taken away in a fit of lust, by her stepfather.
Maheeda is a broken soul after all. It finally makes sense. That wanton streak of deviance and sexual delinquency that colours her psyche and mars her character can be traced to a horrific trauma rooted in her childhood. If you take good care to explore the pains within her soul or her best kept secrets if you like, you would be horrified by the grisly catalogue of psychopathological phenomena—the murderous, incestuous, and perverse tragedies which lurk in the back bedrooms of her mind. Maheeda may be a sex vixen today, but she is emotionally destroyed and it took an innocent display of camaraderie by one of her fans to reveal all that.
As the world celebrated fathers’ day few days ago, one of Maheeda’s fans exuberantly wished her “Happy Fathers’ Day” on her twitter page but rather than respond in an equally cordial manner, Maheeda went ballistic to the amusement and shock of her teeming fans and critics.
In response, Maheeda wrote: “Happy Father’s Day? Which father? The father that left me from five months old? Or the stepfather that raped me growing me up? F**k the Father’s Day!! Not for me huh? Keep your wishes.”
Maheeda’s outburst brings to the fore once again the brutal impact of childhood rape on the victim. It is acknowledged world over that father-daughter incest occurs on a large scale around the world. Consequently, sexual abuse has now been included in child abuse legislation around the world.
A conservative estimate is that more than one million women have been sexually victimized by their fathers or other male relatives but the true figure is probably much higher. Many victims still fear reporting incest and their families continued to collude to keep the situation secret. One of such victims is controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda.
As fathers were being celebrated world over, the singer claimed she had no point celebrating the day claiming: “I never benefited from those called father.”
She explained that while her real father died five months after her birth, her stepfather started raping her when she clocked the tender age of 11. Maheeda who made this known in a series of tweets rhetorically asked why she should celebrate a day that has left a permanent scar on her.

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