The flipside of Herbert Wigwe…How he became an idol to his wife

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The flipside of Herbert Wigwe…How he became an idol to his wife

The flipside of Herbert Wigwe…How he became an idol to his wife
December 12
11:51 2016

• Fatherhood according to a doting bank MD…

Herbert Wigwe, the ebullient Managing Director of Access Bank, was made for Chizoba. To Chizoba, it probably feels like she had him ordered and delivered to her, to be worshipped and revered. On this note, it may be said that Herbert is Chizoba’s idol.

And this is where it gets interesting; Herbert also considers Chizoba a boon from God. He treasures her like a priceless heirloom – this explains his predilection to flaunt her like a sapphire-studded wristwatch or button hole bouquet to the world.

Herbert adorns the cloak of fatherhood with unprecedented pride hence he never shies from performing his fatherly roles to his wards.

Herbert effortlessly proves that affluence and child-rearing often go hand in hand, under the watchful and compassionate guardianship of a model father. He creates quality time to be with his children.

The top bank MD has successfully raised his children to be his source of joy and abiding peace. And to guarantee their evolution into full-fledged adults, he creates time to celebrate every aspect of his children’s lives; he is part of their progress every step of the way thus he spends vacations with them in exotic locations across the world, and he is there to celebrate their graduations, birthdays and other success stories.

Neither cord nor cable can so forcibly draw, or hold so fast, as love has done in the family of, the MD of Access Bank. To the stylish banker, love and marriage so gladly combine, like Siamese twins born in the same clime. Herbert is head over heels in love with Chizoba years after his heart skipped to the sweet, soft drift of her smile.

The portrait they present is arresting and regularly breathtaking: the pomp and circumstance, pageantry and elegance so clearly defined and characteristic of solemnities perpetuated by historic monarchies, but with a contemporary difference that’s hip and humanizing.

Their story reads like a fable, a rousing tale of a charming prince and princess caught in irreducible splendor of love hewed in honesty and a royal palace. It was the stuff of which fairy tales are made. It is, even now, hence the stirring manifestations of the bond and passion sustaining the miracle-working banker and his queen, Chizoba. If theirs was a false love or the pedestrian passion characteristic of lust aping love, like all parties caught in the deceptive throes of such love, they would be separated by now.  But the love that unites them defies the strains and bounds of common love; it is what it is, peerless.

According to an insider, the couple attributed their marital success to an enduring love and friendship and the ability to look every issue in the eye and tackle it with tact and an overwhelming bid to resolve it. Perhaps many more celebrity couples will look to the Wigwes for tips on how to be in a marriage.

They are blessed with two boys and two girls. That’s why Herbert, unlike most bankers, doesn’t engage in extra-marital affairs.

On Herbert’s watch, Access bank has recorded remarkable leaps in operations and revenue from cutting-edge and futuristic banking culture.

In the cutthroat terrain of Nigerian banking, Herbert rides the tides of industry thus dictating the pace of change and influencing the thought of his time. There is no gainsaying therefore, that he would command the epochs that follow and impress his name on eternity, by his dazzling strides.

Herbert is cut of that proverbial rare stock that effortlessly attracts the patronage of leaders of men. However, like the very few great men and leaders of industry, Herbert did not attain his current height by sudden flight. While most of his rivals and peers slept, he toiled upwards, day and night.

As head honcho of Access Bank, Herbert understands the need to abide by the company’s corporate philosophy which is to become the world’s most respected African bank thus his conscious quest to leave an indelible imprint in the sands of industry and time by shunning corruption and various unethical practices characteristic of contemporary cutthroat banking.

Herbert would never engage in any act or association that would be inimical to the progress and good image of his organisation.


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