Preachers by day, pant chasers at night…Amazing ‘men of God’ preach heaven in the open and chase skirts in secret

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Preachers by day, pant chasers at night…Amazing ‘men of God’ preach heaven in the open and chase skirts in secret

April 10
07:43 2018

Christendom is rife with stories about lecherous pastors; false shepherds with unrestrained libido.
Many of them are licentious to the bones; add this to their manipulative and often dictatorial tendencies and you have a perfect picture of contemporary priesthood – Pentecostal priesthood to be precise.

These pastors are more interested in female segments of their congregations and they leer at them lecherously, like predators salivating for the prey. Ultimately, they engage in unholy liaisons with choristers, female assistant pastors, wives of congregants, church workers and other members of their congregation.

These dandy dudes sport haughty airs, scandalous personae and a smooth tongue. When they speak, their words leap from their lips to meld with the spiritual halo around their frame to entice all and sundry; then there is the saintly scent that wafts from their clothes which complements their dandy dress sense and often exaggerated sophistication. They are in truth, self-professed prophets of God with eternal love for the world.

To these dandy pastors, every adherent becomes quarry to be preyed upon; the ladies in particular. But most of the congregation are ignorant about the scandal they perpetrate right under their noses.
Those who are in the know learn to contain whatever outrage and discontent they may feel; ultimately, they keep shut simply because it is not in their place nor is it their obligation to call out the fraudulence of their esteemed “man of God.”

These Nigerian clerics frequently affirm renowned poet, Alfred Tennyson’s ageless witticism about the curate who outrageously looms fatter than his cure.

The contemporary adherent paints a portrait of how and what he thinks his pastor should look like and the new breed Christian holds tenaciously to that image in his/her mind of what he or she thinks the now ubiquitous “man of God” should be.

That image has gone viral. The trouble with the picture however, is that oftentimes; it has never been and never will be accurate.

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