If all bank chiefs were like Herbert Wigwe…

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If all bank chiefs were like Herbert Wigwe…

If all bank chiefs were like Herbert Wigwe…
May 09
10:51 2017

• Why Access bank boss elicits deafening tribute of interminable cheers

Yes, Herbert Wigwe, the Managing Director of Access Bank, is dignified. He is something of a visionary. But at the core of his vision is a deep sense of scale; a profound passion for industry and respect for the universe, in their separate immensities

Few men are wrought of such transcendent capacity for genius as Herbert Wigwe. The top banker pulsates exceptional intellect and that singular forthrightness that imbues philosophy with logic and sound theory.

Like a lightning shaft from Eden, Wigwe dazzled a large audience and commanded applause when CNBC Africa turned its spotlight on him in an episode of its Captains of Industry series. Wigwe discussed Access Bank’s success story as a leading innovator and champion of sustainable growth in its industry.

He would have been a good broadcaster because of his occidental drawl, but somehow, the windmills of the gods, set a different path for him. What, however, journalism profession missed in him, he is giving to banking.

Herbert has charted a radical path to one of the Africa’s largest and most influential banks: ACCESS. His leadership is authentic, and his focus on equality is nothing short of revolutionary, a clarion call for the world of business and an inspiration to fellow bankers working for a more just and affectionate world.

Interestingly, however, Access bank is notable for technological innovations like Paywithcapture 5, which is Africa’s first digital banking platform. They were also sponsors of the 2017 Re:Code Nigeria Hackathon for developers and designers which held in Lagos on the 23rd of March.

Wigwe embodies a revolt against tiresome ego and false modesty. He also understands that false modesty is a learned affectation. It’s just like decals. As soon as the world shakes the falsely modest person against the wall, that appropriated reserve will drop off them.

A strong and dedicated leader, he brings clarity of thought and purpose to his exploits and his subordinates’ work. He is also a good listener who comes to the table not with some preset notion of distrust but rather an open mind; he asks tough questions and tries to find solutions. Above all else, however, and beyond all doubt, Wigwe is loyal. In the cutthroat terrain of Nigerian banking, Herbert rides the tides of industry thus dictating the pace of change and influencing the thought of his time. There is no gainsaying therefore, that he would command the epochs that follow and impress his name on eternity, by his dazzling strides.

Herbert is cut of that proverbial rare stock that effortlessly attracts the patronage of leaders of men. However, like the very few great men and leaders of industry, Herbert did not attain his current height by sudden flight. While most of his rivals and peers slept, he toiled upwards, day and night.

As head honcho of Access Bank, Herbert understands the need to abide by the company’s corporate philosophy which is to become the world’s most respected African bank thus his conscious quest to leave an indelible imprint in the sands of industry.

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