P-Square: Untold Story Of How Twin Brothers Had Always Disagreed

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P-Square: Untold Story Of How Twin Brothers Had Always Disagreed

P-Square: Untold Story Of How Twin Brothers Had Always Disagreed
January 02
07:27 2022

PETER and Paul Okoye, the duo of P-Square have reunited to become a musical band again after almost five years of the split.

The journey of identical twins and the disagreement between them and their elder brother, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye, which led to a major feud is not new to those who know the family in their formative years.

Unknown to many, even as an upcoming music duo, the twins were usually at loggerhead over who is the most creative but they consistently managed to keep it away from the fans.

While it is public knowledge that Paul has a keen interest in singing and creating songs, Peter is easily smitten with dance and choreography.

However, Peter had consistently told those who cared to listen that he is very creative in the group. The 40-year-old father of three had repeatedly noted that he can sit down and decipher what people want to hear, what they want to see, and what they want to learn from but would rather not brag about it.

Speaking ahead of their reunion concert, Paul went live on Instagram to tell his critics that he’s more than a singer but a professional dancer.

“You guys think I don’t know how to dance, I am a full-time dancer. I just dey pretend. I hold the dance for Peter when he was sick for days.”

The Fights
According to a source, the duo’s disagreement didn’t start five years or even six years ago. Both Peter and Paul Okoye grew up disagreeing over almost everything. The source went further to say that the two are quick to argue over their unique attributes insisting one is better than the other.

However, the two never went their separate ways nor nurtured the idea of going solo. And this was due to the presence of their late mother, who knew how to handle their anger.

Things went south shortly after their mum died in 2012, after battling cancer.

Don’t ever take sides between twins

Five years after ending their rift, the sensational singers have advised people and fans to never take sides.

The twin brothers, who recently buried their hatches made this statement during a live session with fans.

“People should be mindful of what they say and learn never to take sides against two brothers. Those who took sides during our split are suffering our reunion now,” Peter Okoye.

In his words, Paul explains what he observed during their reunion party.

According to him, the reunion is about him and his brother but their family, friends, and fans who took sides following their feud now feel bad because they are back together.

“During our reunion celebration, we saw a close friend, who had forgotten they were friends just because they took sides. So, people should just chill and enjoy our music, and not hate. Our reunion is not about the P-Square but the entertainment industry as a whole.”

Adding to her husband’s take, Anita Okoye, said she was excited for not taking sides during the breakup between her husband and his twin brother.

“This is the best birthday present either of you could receive. Thank you for letting me have such a great relationship with both of you independent of your rift… I am delighted I didn’t let your coconut heads let me choose sides.”

Reactivating the magic
On November 17, 2021, fans of P-Square couldn’t hide their emotions after a video of the identical twins hit social media. In the clip, the duo and their elder brother, Jude were seen hugging each other in Peter’s residence in Lagos.

The pair also followed each other on Instagram with the twins celebrating themselves at their 40th birthday.

“Two heads are better than one,” Paul captioned their picture together.

In the same vein, the wife of Paul, Anita Okoye also organised a party with her children to celebrate Paul and Peter’s reunion.

Restoring the dimmed glory
After years of solo projects and differences, P-Square is on a redemption journey to restore what seemed like a deemed glory, and Darey and Deola Art-Alade’s Livespot gave them the opportunity.

The twins were given the opportunity to reactivate their musical journey with a concert and despite a week postponement, it happened on December 25, 2021. Peter and Paul staged a reunion concert tagged:’ Psquare Reactivated’ to officially announce their comeback.

During their performance, the band paused to apologise for their separation.

“We apologise for breaking up, deep apologies to our fans all over the world. We want everyone around the world to know that we are asking for forgiveness,” the P-Square duo said.

The group had to cancel different shows in Nigeria to concentrate on their first concert after their breakup.

“We’ve decided not to perform at different events just to focus on our concert. We want you to see us together after many years of hiatus.” Peter said.

Continuing he said, “Selecting songs for our concert is what broke me down because we have about 60 songs and we’ve been rehearsing back to back for three weeks. We had dance rehearsal scheduled between 12 pm- 3 pm, band rehearsal for 5 pm – 9 pm then will enter the studio by 11 pm till midnight.”

Paul added: “We rehearsed like hell.”

And it won’t be wrong to say P-Square is back again to the dismay of ‘busybodies.’

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