Power Horse. . . Lagos Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, And His Many Wives

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Power Horse. . . Lagos Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, And His Many Wives

Power Horse. . . Lagos Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, And His Many Wives
August 13
10:25 2018

Like his fleet of vintage and top-of-the-range automobiles, the Lagos State Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa’s harem is filled with some of the finest species of the womenfolk. The world is particularly familiar with the drool-inducing Idayat who, in recent times, seems to be stepping sideways for her junior, Bukola, to also enjoy the limelight.

Blessed with a savoire faire and sheer grace that make it seem that the city bends to her literally, though. So besotted with Bukola is the Speaker that he doesn’t let her out of his sight for too long else he would be lovelorn and forlorn. By Jove, you should not expect any less from the Speaker, a man of taste and global exposure; a man of fabulous wealth and immense influence.

Yes, there is an innate strength in Lagos Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, that defies notions of valour applicable to his peer. Even though he is 45, (would be 46 years old in few months), the amiable politician grapples with the challenges of his office and demands of running a home with three ravishing wives, Fausat, Idayat and Bukola Obasa.

Very few men of his age and class can handle the onerous tasks of running a state and catering to the needs and desires of a large family. But Obasa unfurls into the task without a crease in his brow or the oft dreaded fear of exhaustion. He does not crumble in fear or anticipation of failure because he believes that even the greatest challenges and darkest days were made to sharpen a man’s wit and burnish his shine.

While older men struggle to keep pace with the demands of less tasking jobs and smaller number of wives, Obasa internalizes strength in his chubby frame. While he worries about legislative matters, he also has to contend with the challenges of managing three wives at the homefront.

He has to think of sheltering his wards from storms of the future and catering to the needs of their mothers. Despite the unprintable rumours being spread about Obasa, his friends, political associates and other apologists are of the opinion that those spreading malicious and unfounded rumours about the Speaker are simply scared of his rising and intimidating profile on the nation’s political turf.

According to them, the future of Lagos is in very safe hands with the likes of Hon. Obasa at the helms of the coastal city’s affairs.

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