The End. . . And Death Claims Chuba Okadigbo’s Son In The US

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The End. . . And Death Claims Chuba Okadigbo’s Son In The US

The End. . . And Death Claims Chuba Okadigbo’s Son In The US
June 07
17:02 2018


Death stings the old and the young alike and when it does, not even the beauty of youth or the pleas of wisdom several decades old could escape its tireless venom. Thus there is no gainsaying that death has once again struck a defenceless cord in the household of late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, former Senate President.

However, this time around, the grim reaper has chosen to extinguish a flame  just as it flickers to full glow; it has snuffed out the life of Obiajulu, son to the late politician in the United States.

Predictably, death has left a litany of tears and sorrow in its wake. As the remains of 30-year old dude will be lowered into the grave at the prestigious St John Neumann Catholic Church, Wharfed road, Maryland, USA.

Indeed, tears and uncontrollable grief weren’t enough to rouse Obi from the dead. The deceased who died in the early hours of Monday last week, has cast his friends and family into interminable grief. He was a young man without guile. Despite being involved in the fickle and fractious world of high society, he exuded a sweetness of character and good nature till the very end.

Throughout his 30 years of existence, he retained his essential humility and a sense of perspective and proportion. He was as gracious as he was polite and immensely amiable.

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  1. jossisky
    jossisky June 09, 19:29

    Your comment..may his soul rest in peace!

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  2. bisi
    bisi June 10, 05:21

    Your comment..may his soul rest in peace. what a loss

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