The Governor’s Wife! If Every Governor Had A Wife Like Bolanle Akinwunmi- Ambode…

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The Governor’s Wife! If Every Governor Had A Wife Like Bolanle Akinwunmi- Ambode…

The Governor’s Wife! If Every Governor Had A Wife Like Bolanle Akinwunmi- Ambode…
May 20
14:16 2018

*    The astounding humility and seemliness of Lagos First Lady

Bolanle Ambode, like her husband, is dignified. The dutiful First Lady and wife of the Governor of good and law –abiding citizens of Lagos State, Dr. Akinwunmi Ambode, affects the moon’s modest nature. This makes her entrancing to behold and relate with.

Her splendour is never fully displayed for long for mortal eyes to indulge. Bolanle is unpretentious in humility. Her unabashed modesty offers valuable lessons on what wantonness should be scorned and what values to court. She embraces purity, lessens the self and diminishes desire. Her modesty encrusts light in a sombre sky of darkness that characterises affluence and the bulk of high society.

It was so heartwarming to see the beautiful wife of the hardworking governor, at an event recently- where she interacted amiably with both affluent and middling segments of the Lagos citizenry. She is no doubt one of the very few wives of governors who don’t make a song and dance of their fortune and privileges.

Yes, Bolanle is easy-going and indifferent to the frills and thrills, vanities and shenanigans of high society. Not even her husband’s position and power have changed her outlook on life. Perhaps the tedious caucuses of rich, spoilt, garrulous wives of Nigerian powerful politicians would emulate Bolanle and desist from throwing their tiresome weights in people’s faces.

Beneficiaries of her friendliness testify that she honors all invitations to events and high-octane parties. Interestingly, there is a certain tinge of spirituality attached to the loveliness of Bolanle; it’s reminiscent of that far-fetched beauty characteristic of the fabled goddess of verges, whose transcendence and methodical tenderness nurtures the dreams and efforts of the vagrant croppers as it fosters the gawky raspberry refugees from gardens and the sloe, juniper, blackberry, among other tenants of nomadic farmlands.

It is however, instructive to note that since she came out of her shell as the First Lady, unlike most high society women of her ilk, has been known to court no scandal or controversy and that is a testament of maturity and good breeding.

At the event, she was as usual, in her element as she radiated faultless beauty and delight that has kept her husband, Gov. Ambode,  persistently head over heels in love with her through the years. They are role model to several young couples. Theirs is a relationship seemingly made in heaven and consummated here in Nigeria.


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